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Thank you for visiting our site in which we offer :

- An interesting opportunity because of our situation in Central Europe
This allows us to meet the needs of pricing.

- A highly technical, with respect to specifications, production rates, with European standards.

- A large retroactivity, provided also because of our expertise in transportation (24 hours in express mode, 3-4 days for transportation by road).

We work daily in close collaboration with Outsourcers representing groups or companies based in Western Europe.

Mechatechnik Kft is the French company EUROP ALMA Sarl ‘s daughter 
Production parts are realized in Hungary, by Mechatechnik Kft, for the both companies

(Parts of sets or mechanical sub-assemblies)

Examples of our work in Milling, Turning, Sheet Metal :
Some pieces were welded (Tig), and or surface-treated, or
have suffered a heat treatment, some have been laser cut.
Different materials can be machined as steel, stainless steel, composite, thermoplastic material, polyamide ... The list is not exhaustive